Creating Future Us is a not-for-profit focused on igniting the debate, leading the conversation, and pressing for action; to level the playing field, and ensure sustainable, equitable digital transformation that works for all of society

Our Objective

In a digitized world, every company is becoming a technology company, to a varying degree. There is no longer an option to avoid its transformative effects

Responsible, flexible & nimble approaches to Digital Age Corporate Governance will be key to enabling sustainable environmental and social outcomes

Our Vision for a Reimagined Tomorrow

We envision a future where corporates proactively work in partnership with governments, employees, consumers, taxpayers, and beyond, to achieve shared, positive and sustainable outcomes – not simply profit at the expense of society and the environment. These are corporates that understand, embrace and act upon their accountabilities by:



the medium to long term effects of their actions and act responsively to keep our ecosystems balanced and fruitful



their immense power to affect outcomes in a moment of transition and comprehend that considerable imbalances are not sustainable



in a closed loop ecosystem where we take, we must give back, reciprocity is vital; for the future of our planet and healthy societies



good Governance and Social impact as a CORE accountability and profit driver

Our Approach

AIlluminate & Analyze: We highlight corporate actions, sector developments, geopolitical events and nascent news items that materially impact our digital future [Learn]

AEngage & Challenge: We bring together key voices from across sectors, create coalitions to share ideas and best practices, while asking probing – sometimes challenging – questions to encourage healthy dialogue [Work With Us]

ASupport & Sustain: We work with Boards, Executives, and Investors to create robust governance structures and practices, underpinned by deep subject matter knowledge and insights gleaned [Opportunities]

Our Areas of Focus

We track, explore and highlight the entire ecosystem of factors that impact, shape and influence global organizations and the societies in which they operate. These coalesce around three key themes.


Impacts of Digitization

The digital age is bringing wide-ranging effects on businesses and their stakeholders We track, explore and highlight this entire ecosystem of factors that shape and influence global organizations and the societies in which they operate, within the umbrella context of ESG.


CFU Themes


How We Can Work With You

Building agile and resilient Governance as a top priority to ensuring opportunities are seized and negative impacts are mitigated

AHelping Boards, Investors and Executives understand how each aspect of this ecosystem intersects and interacts to truly impact your organization  

AUndertaking analysis and pinpointing the corporate actions that are generating the highest impacts and implications for your DA Governance


Meet The Team

Di Rifai

Founder & Chair


A seasoned international leader, Chair, Non-Executive Director & CEO, Di advises a diverse range of investors & boards on responsible governance, helping organizations transform to emerge fit and sustainable in a digital future. She applies decades of expertise gained working across technology, finance, energy and investment and is an authority on Digital Age ESG

Shelley Joyce

Strategy & PR


A highly experienced consultant, with a background in financial and professional services, specializing in strategy, communication and transformational change. Her interest is in mitigating the social inequity implications of digitization and she recently completed an MSc in Gender, Development and Globalization at LSE

Della Bentham

Marketing & Comms


A skilled expert in social media, marketing and community management, with over 10 years’ success in designing campaigns and websites that articulate complex ideas, and bringing audiences together to create communities with unified purpose

Romy Goossens

Research & Content


A trained and driven social behavioral researcher and content writer with a background in sociology. Romy has a strong interest in topics covering issues of social inequality, policymaking, and (health) innovation. She recently started her PhD at the University of Edinburgh.

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