We invite board members, asset managers and asset owners to work with us in enabling the change together, via the themes and opportunities outlined here

Our Unique Proposition

We are a lean and nimble organization with a powerful offering: becoming the center of excellence and incubator of ideas and knowledge, working on transformative initiatives with only the most forward-looking change makers – whether investors, boards or executive teams – to Create a thriving Future Us

Digital Age Governance & Stewardship

Creating Future Us

Our Unique Proposition

Our remit is the broader societal and economic implications of the Digital Age across three key dimensions:  the governance of big tech firms and the digitization of non-tech firms, the future impact and ethics of specific technologies, and the future of corporate governance in a Digital Age



Take The Test – Is Your Governance Digital Ready?


Can your corporate governance structure accommodate a fast moving, all-pervading Digital Age? Was your governance an advantage in dealing with Covid-19?

Stakeholder Engagement:

How nuanced and nimble is your communication approach to each of your stakeholders’ priorities?


How does your board monitor the impact non-financial of its actions on stakeholders? Is there a shared sense of what “doing the right thing” means?


 Is your board’s dialogue fluid, anticipatory, exploratory – rather than formulaic, and primarily compliance driven?  Have you instigated self-governance practices that are beyond compliance requirements?


Is there breadth and depth of perspective on your board – by education, demographics, motivation and psychology? Is the balance of power evenly spread across board members?


How do you determine all of the above and correct dynamically, as the digitized world continues to evolve?


If the answer to any of these is anything other than YES, talk to us about how we can help with addressing these


Working Together

To help us take our mission forward, we want to work with organizations who are aligned with the Creating Future Us vision, and who believe that stewardship is a core responsibility of every forward-thinking, changemaking organization.

From sponsorship, to thought leadership and advisory initiatives, there are a number of projects already in the development pipeline, on which you can readily collaborate with us

We are also primed and ready to adapt or even co-create new ideas that speak more directly to your priorities and aspirations. To discuss in more depth, please contact us

CFU Circle of Themes

Ways to Enable Change Together

CFU is ready to work with forward-thinking organizations to instigate and take forward the drive for sustainable change through Digital Age Environmental, Social and Governance (‘DA ESG’), at the level that is right for you

ASponsor – Aligning your brand and visibility with important topics,  whether through a roundtable, white paper or industry initiative

APartner – Co-creating a piece of thought leadership or campaign to  highlight the most salient DA ESG issues in your sector

AEngage – Draw on our expertise to facilitate tangible change in your  own organisation, whether through an ESG health-check, improvement or even transformation

Current Themes and Opportunities


Below are just some of the existing topics incubating at CFU; if you are interested in helping us take any of these forward, please get in touch.

The Ethics of Taxation

 In a digitized and automated world, corporate tax loopholes are easier than ever to exploit. How should responsible organizations ensure they otherwise redistribute and reinvest earnings in the societies and infrastructure from which they profit?

Bespoke Research & Projects

What are the dynamics and topics within the Digital Age Ecosystem that most impact or concern your board? We can develop and facilitate tailor-made initiatives that help you explore these in more depth


Building a Future-Fit Digital Age Governance Toolkit

As organisations go through their digital transformations, a new set of governance best practices and structures will begin to emerge. How could these be captured, shared and improved to ensure sector-wide effectiveness?

Sector Deep-Dive

The transformative effects of the Digital Age will undoubtedly impact ESG for different sectors and organisation sizes in different ways, and to varying degrees. What are the implications, opportunities and unintended consequences particular to your sector?

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