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As a dynamic center of excellence for tech ethics, we work on transformative initiatives with only the most forward-looking investors, boards and executive teams to Create a thriving Future Us

Digital Age Governance & Stewardship

Creating Future Us

Our Mandate




Our remit is at the intersection of technology, ethics and capital markets. We bring together the latest research to educate, develop the stewardship and governance tools to equip our network of key stakeholders


 An Influential Investor Collaboration 



ISDE – Investors for a Sustainable Digital Economy


A coalition of stewardship-oriented investors working towards a sustainable digital economy through engagement with tech companies. As a pioneering initiative, ISDE seeks to understand what ethical tech outcomes would look like, and how to achieve them through a range of insights and tools.


Through Effective and Informative Investor Engagement, Spurring Tech Companies to Foster Net Positive Value for Stakeholders and Society



Hosted by CFU, ISDE consists of a group of like-minded investors at the frontier of tech ethics. Members include Baillie Gifford, Church Commissioners for England, Ethos Foundation, Sands Capital, and Zouk Capital.

How We Can Work With You

A Insights: We assimilate knowledge and distill it into accessible insights, for you to discern the signal from the noise

A Action: We coordinate initiatives and develop tools that enable you identify risks and improve behaviour

A Ecosystem: We help you build coalitions and pool resources, so that you can achieve greater stewardship impacts



Data Use: Data ownership, identity-based profiling & more

Algorithms: Neural networks, transformers & more

Hardware: IoT, Quantum Computers & more

Future of Work: automation, gig economy & more

Biotech: genetic modification, CRISPR & more

Space: debris, asteroid mining & more


Research: identifying consensus, disagreement and gaps across literature

Taxonomy: developing common language to define and navigate tech ethics

Governance: Strategic imperative with board accountability


Sustainability: redefining sustainability to include tech ethics

Materiality: determining how tech ethics impact various portfolio holdings

Risks & Opportunities: understanding where individual companies fit within the range of possibilities



Practical Expertise: Research Reports focusing on actionable insights/ to inform engagement and assess risks

Roundtables: Convening Leading Experts to develop expertise and insight

Transparency: Helping investors gain detailed understanding of issue-specific implications of tech use within companies


Mapping: landscape of ethics in tech

Forums: for debate and discourse on relevant issues

Partnerships: with various stakeholders to balance complex trade offs


Tools: encouraging transparency, accountability, and best practices

Private Engagement: working with investors to guide companies in raising standards and mitigating harms

Public Engagement: issue-based coalitions, thought leadership campaigns



Specialist Network: Academics and experts in data science, AI and programmers amongst others

Influencers: Regulators, legislators and think tanks across healthcare, environment, commerce, and other sectors

Practitioners: Technologists, biologists, psychologists, and security analysts who are implementing various technologies.


Academics: Such as ethicists and business ethics scholars

Influencers: Think-tanks, universities, professional associations, and NGOs

Practitioners: Ethics and compliance officers, AI ethics experts, ESG analysts


Investors: Along the value chain of financing tech companies including public and private markets

Investees: Boards, Executive teams, CSR, and Investor Relations

Other Stakeholders: Professional associations, stewardship specialists and proxy advisors

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