ISDE (Investors for a Sustainable Digital Economy) is a pioneering consortium of the world’s leading investors – Asset Owners, Asset Managers, and Private Equity – united by a desire to direct capital towards businesses that develop and implement technologies responsibly.


Exponential technologies have the power to reshape society: driving growth, enhancing human flourishing, and unlocking new possibilities. However, innovation without purpose can threaten progress.


By supporting companies that marry technological innovation, economic growth, with a positive individual, societal, environmental, and market impact, they are helping to create a more resilient, equitable, and enduring future.

Advisory Board

The ISDE Advisory Board plays a critical role steering Creating Future Us’ (CFU) long-term strategy and vision. The board draws on diverse investment backgrounds, with expertise in financing, technology, sustainability, and social impact. It translates CFU’s purpose into an actionable roadmap attuned to investor needs.

The carefully selected group of a 10-member maximum, with 8 voting seats, is self-determining. Meeting every 4-6 weeks, it selects salient topics for investors in coming years and supports resourcing on CFU’s unique, industry-leading projects. ISDE provides leadership enabling CFU to empower investors through expertise integration, future-proofing, and responsible innovation.

Our advisors’ wisdom distinguishes CFU as a trusted partner for forward-thinking capital deployment.

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Content Committee

The ISDE Content Committee convenes monthly with representatives drawn from a leading consortium of investors.

Representatives provide feedback on behalf of their organizations to inform content and project development, ensuring maximum shared value. The open structure enables broad input to determine and CFU’s content, based on member needs.

Through this solutions-focused committee,CFU leverages members’ collective experience to shape members’ priorities, driving targeted, relevant solutions that advance sustainability across technology investments.