The Digital Age is Changing The Rules of The Game

With seismic disruption comes boundless opportunity

Corporate leaders are now in a remarkable position of influence – and responsibility – to pursue growth while creating positive feedback loops

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Investors for a Sustainable Digital Economy (ISDE)

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Creating Future Us is a not-for-profit championing sustainable and inclusive digitalization through active stewardship

Our Objective

In a digitalized world, every company is becoming a technology company, to a varying degree. The transformative effects are profound and unavoidable

Companies can anticipate impacts and build on
sustainable foundations

Investors and Tech Companies in Partnership

Responsible tech stewardship will be the defining feature of successful sustainable growth in a prosperous Digital Age. Informed, active investors can be powerful partners in enabling tech companies to deliver positive and sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders



Broaden perspectives to better understand the overlaps interdependencies of complex solutions 




Awareness of unintended consequences of tech solutions for today’s problems



In a closed loop ecosystem, thoughtful vigilance to limit damage to societal and environmental infrastructure



Incorporate a wide range of perspectives in innovating technologies


Driving Positive Change Through…

Curating Knowledge


Curating knowledge and delivering insights to deepen expertise of stakeholders – Investigate Further Here

Convening Thinkers


Developing tools that drive behavioral change and accountability – see our latest events



Building a sustainable tech ecosystem  – To maximize stewardship impact find out more here

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