Empowering Investors in Shaping a Responsible Digital Future


Creating Future Us (“CFU”) is a pioneering not-for–profit research collective that equips investors with the essential insights and practical tools to drive Responsible Technology Innovation and Implementation (RTII).

As the digital landscape evolves at an unprecedented pace, CFU is committed to empowering investors to make informed decisions that are material to their investments and contribute to a more responsible and resilient future. By providing cutting-edge research and actionable resources, we enable investors to navigate the complexities of emergent technologies and play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable digital economy.

Join CFU in our mission to create a future where powerful technologies are harnessed for the benefit of all stakeholders, and where responsible innovation paves the way for a thriving, sustainable digital ecosystem.

What We Do

CFU is a trailblazing not-for-profit research collective dedicated to empowering investors with the knowledge, insights, and tools they need to drive Responsible Technology Innovation and Implementation (RTII) and shape a sustainable digital future.

Our comprehensive approach includes:

  1. Investor Education: We provide cutting-edge educational resources to help investors understand the complexities and potential impacts of emergent technologies, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with their priorities.
  1. Actionable Insights: Our team of experts conducts rigorous research and analysis to deliver timely, actionable insights on the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in the world of responsible technology.
  1. Engagement Tools: We equip investors with practical tools and frameworks to effectively engage with companies, stakeholders, and policymakers, allowing them to advocate for responsible technology practices and drive positive change.
  1. Due Diligence Services: Our specialized due diligence services help investors assess the potential risks and benefits of technology investments, ensuring that their portfolios are aligned with the principles of RTII.

By offering this holistic suite of services, CFU empowers investors to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape with confidence and purpose. We are committed to fostering a sustainable digital economy where powerful technologies are harnessed for the benefit of all stakeholders, and where responsible innovation paves the way for a thriving, resilient future.

Systemic Risks from Tech

The widespread adoption of platform technologies like cloud computing, AI, and data infrastructure has exposed investors to a new type of systemic risk. As these technologies are deeply embedded in the operations of nearly every company, irresponsible innovation and implementation practices can lead to far-reaching consequences.

Issues arising from a lack of responsible technology management, such as data breaches, algorithmic bias, or intrusive surveillance, can quickly escalate into systemic risks affecting multiple companies, sectors, and markets. These risks are often hidden within the complex web of dependencies created by the reliance on platform technologies.

As most companies are utilizing a few dominant platform providers, this amplifies the potential for widespread harm. A single issue with a major platform can have cascading effects on society, the business operating environment, geopolitics, and other critical areas. For example, a data breach or an AI algorithm that perpetuates biases can lead to significant societal consequences, eroding trust and creating a challenging business landscape for companies relying on these platforms.


Investors for a Sustainable Digital Economy (ISDE) stands as a distinguished Advisory Board of visionary leading investors dedicated to shaping the future of RTII. This elite board plays a crucial role in guiding CFU’s strategic objectives, ensuring optimal resource allocation, and prioritizing key milestones on our roadmap. With their wealth of experience and foresight, ISDE is instrumental in navigating the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of our industry.

Beyond their strategic contributions, the Advisory Board serves as a vibrant hub for the exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas. As we collectively pioneer this nascent space, the board facilitates the sharing of valuable insights and lessons learned, fostering a collaborative environment that propels ISDE to the forefront of RTII advancements. Through their guidance and thought leadership, the ISDE Advisory Board is an indispensable asset in our pursuit of revolutionizing RTII for the benefit of all stakeholders.


A Future in Which the Digital Economy is Sustainable and Inclusive

Creating Future Us Vision


At CFU, our mission is to foster a sustainable digital economy by promoting the adoption of emergent technologies that have been thoroughly vetted for potential systemic consequences and safeguarded with appropriate guardrails to minimize negative impacts.

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Di Rifai

Founder & Chair

A seasoned international leader, Chair, Non-Executive Director & CEO, Di advises a diverse range of investors & boards on responsible practices, helping organizations transform to emerge fit and sustainable in a digital future.


She applies decades of expertise gained working across technology, finance, energy and investment and is a pioneering authority on Responsible Tech Innovation and Implementation, particularly throughout the investment value chain.

The CFU Team

A Growing Team of Passionate, Creative & Experienced Members

We are a dynamic team with diverse experiences and skills, working collaboratively to shape the future of Responsible Tech Innovation and Implementation with leading global asset owners, asset managers and private equity investment managers.


We come from backgrounds in the asset management industry, private equity, tech ethics, and more. Our skills span technological transformation and entrepreneurial start-ups, regulatory and legal developments in tech, project management, as well as extensive research and writing on social impacts.


Our team is international, diverse, nimble and works on a hybrid model.


We are continuously looking to grow the team and welcome like-minded professionals who want to join us on the journey to fulfilling our mission in making a difference towards a responsible Digital Age, while serving CFU’s high-caliber stakeholders.


If you’re interested in exploring a future with us, please reach out via our page on LinkedIn or through the contact form below.