CFU empowers investors with the expertise & tools to take discerning action regarding a wide range of technology investment impacts galvanizing a sustainable digital economy

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Creating Future Us provides key insights and actionable tools that promote Responsible Technology Innovation and Implementation (RTII) for a sustainable digital economy


A Future in Which the Digital Economy is Sustainable and Inclusive


Creating Future Us is a not-for-profit championing sustainable and inclusive digitalization and automation through thoughtful and active engagement

Di Rifai

Founder & Chair

A seasoned international leader, Chair, Non-Executive Director & CEO, Di advises a diverse range of investors & boards on responsible practices, helping organizations transform to emerge fit and sustainable in a digital future.


She applies decades of expertise gained working across technology, finance, energy and investment and is a pioneering authority on Responsible Tech Innovation and Implementation, particularly throughout the investment value chain.

The CFU Team

A Growing Team of Passionate, Creative & Experienced Members

We are a dynamic team with diverse experiences and skills, working collaboratively to shape the future of Responsible Tech Innovation and Implementation with leading global asset owners, asset managers and private equity investment managers.


We come from backgrounds in the asset management industry, private equity, tech ethics, and more. Our skills span technological transformation and entrepreneurial start-ups, regulatory and legal developments in tech, project management, as well as extensive research and writing on social impacts.


Our team is international, diverse, nimble and works on a hybrid model.


We are continuously looking to grow the team and welcome like-minded professionals who want to join us on the journey to fulfilling our mission in making a difference towards a responsible Digital Age, while serving CFU’s high-caliber stakeholders.


If you’re interested in exploring a future with us, please reach out via our page on LinkedIn or through the contact form below.